Digital mental gym at your workplace

Boosting employees' emotional resilience and EQ, saving your company resources and preventing costly turnover.



Why is it important

to talk about emotional balance in today's workplace?


of Gen Z and half of the Millennials have left their jobs due to emotional imbalance

(Harvard Business Review, 2019).


yearly estimated cost to the global economy in lost productivity

(World Health Organization, 2020).


reported ROI of each investment into mental health at work initiatives

(WHO, 2021)

Why Mindletic?

Certified by professionals

Co-created with certified professionals and mental health organizations


Mindletic saves at least 58h/month of your company resources and time per every 100 employees

Multidimensional content

Exploration of pertinent topics: emotional resilience, psychological safety, prevention of destructive behaviors and burnout, etc.

Mental health tools

Science-backed mental training programs & content on the individual, team and organizational levels

Trusted partners

How does it work?


Based on your specific needs, we work with you to develop a science-backed mental training program for your employees' emotional resilience and well-being.


Your employees get premium access to the Mindletic App that provides science-backed mental health tools on the individual, team and organizational levels.

Employees can train their minds individually, with a community of certified professionals, or gather in self-sustaining Balance teams.


Mindletic provides monthly data-driven objective insights and consultations at the company level, helping to predict & prevent costly destructive behaviors and reduce turnover.


Over time, by sharing the responsibility of emotional balance with employees, we help them boost their emotional resilience and increase their team's performance by fostering psychological safety.


Employees become more emotionally resilient and balanced.

Leaders cultivate their emotional literacy and empower their teams to increase performance by fostering psychological safety while remaining balanced themselves.

Your organization saves ~58hr/month of resources and time per 100 employees - that’s how much can be saved by predicting & preventing costly destructive behaviors and turnover.



Co-founder, Head of People @ Trafi

"Supporting our team so they could thrive professionally and helping the communities around us - always has been a value of our organization. And the drive for sustainable change also reflects our seeking for productivity.

While juggling all this, Mindletic comes as substantial assistance in providing professional support from their specialists and data-based guidance, which leads to enhanced productivity of our employees. As a user of Mindletic myself, I do see great value in their work: from saving me time as a person of HR to boosting our employees' resilience to everyday struggles and, in this way, increasing their engagement."


Prevent turnover - boost your employees' resilience and EQ

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